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This tool uses the game results of all EuroBowl and EurOpen tournaments as they are recorded in the NAF database. It allows you to create graphs showing the win percentages of selected races grouped by different attributes.
Select Data
Here you can choose what data you want to include in the graph.
List of EuroBowl and EurOpen tournaments available for selection. You can also select all tournaments of a year by clicking on the year. You have to select at least one tournament.
Select the races for which games should be included, i.e. if you only select Amazons and Orcs, only games for Amazons and Orcs will be included. You have to select at least one race.
Opponent Races
Select the opponent's races for which games should be included, i.e. if you selecte Amazons and Orcs in the race drop down and Norse and Humans for opponent races, only games of Amazons against Norse and Humans and of Orcs against Norse and Humans will be included. You have to select at least one race.
Group By
This list defines how the selected data is grouped/split to provide a more fine grained analysis. The order of the fields to group by (Opponent Race, Race, Tournament, Year) is significant, as indicated by the arrow. You can reorder the fields by drag and drop.
In the default selection you would get a graph with 24 bars, one for each of the 24 races showing the overall win percentage of said race over all tournaments. If you also select to group by tournaments you would get a group of bars for each included tournament, where each group contains a bar for each race that played in said tournament. This will be the option you will toy around with the most.
Note: For each grouping attribute a separate x-Axis is generated. The labels on those axes are sorted according to their natural order (alphabetically and numerically ascending). This means if you group data by tournament EurOpen data will be displayed first. This is a current inconvenience/bug. To work around this you can also select to group by year and put the year below tournaments in the grouping order (default order).
New graphs will be appended at the bottom of the page but can be reordered with drag and drop. Should you have problems with that, try hiding the control panel. When a new graph is created it is scrolled into view. Each bar in a graph also has a tooltip showing the amount of games, wins, draws and losses the win percentage was calculated from.